Upwork – NO more FREE Connects


Hey, you may have came to this site after been told by Upwork that they are removing the FREE connects from freelancer accounts.. What this means is that new and existing freelancers will no longer receive a bundle of Free “connects” monthly to bid on jobs.  Instead they are charging $0.15 per connect.  This may sound like a small amount, however, most jobs posted on Upwork require at least 2 and at most 6 “connects”.  They check each job posted and price the “connects” required based on the monetary value of the job.  We found that jobs that pay around $100 can cost you 6 “connects” ($0.90) to apply.. bearing in mind you DONT receive these “connects” back if you dont win the job…

We at ClickBidWork find this very unfair to freelancers and have no plans to remove our FREE credits for new and existing users.   We offer 30 free credits per month, each job costs 1 credit to apply.  You can also, if you want, purchase bundles of more credits that you can use.   It’s totally up to you… Tell your friends  🙂

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